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6 Best Survival Games Like Deadside


Do you like multiplayer survival games? Are you searching for games like deadside? Worry not, we got you covered with the list of games very similar to deadside.

Deadside is an open world shooter game with survival aspects like drinking, eating and building while you explore the map. The game was recently released on April 14, 2020 and it already has gained a lot of players. The game has both PVP and PVE aspects. The PVE consists of bandits that you will encounter while exploring the surrounding. The PVP aspect is also very simple with you collecting items and raiding others that you see with the help of weapons you found like rifles, shotguns and pistols.

The environment that the game is setup on is beautiful with pleasant sounds. Since it is a shooter game, we must talk about its gun-play which is genuine in terms of shooting to control recoil and aim. The game is new with a lot of potential to deliver the users a fun and long term experience. Even if the game is new, the concept is not new which means there are many games similar to Deadside.



This game is a very similar yet vastly different game compared to Deadside as you need to find food and water for surviving. Your main objective becomes surviving and you can do that by building shelter, avoiding cold and getting meat to eat from animals or people using weapons. The developers say, “The only aim in Rust is to survive” and they mean it. Rust is absolutely ruthless and that’s what makes it so special. You try to do horrible things to other players as this game has no primal narrative except surviving. 

The building system of Rust is far superior to that of Deadside and many other games listed in this list. Building structures is actually fun and it doesn’t feel like doing chores. You can form clans with your friends and build a large community and enjoy the game much more rather than playing solo. You might not have a great time playing solo as the community is rather toxic and somewhat racist in the global chat. But hey, maybe that’s just my experience. Overall, Rust is a fantastic game which is very addictive and super fun. 



DayZ, like Deadside, is an open world hardcore shooter game with extreme survival aspects. The game was originally released in 2013 and has gained a lot of attention throughout the years. It has a different map with sizes of over 100 square kilometers. The map on Deadside and DayZ are similar with 225 sq. km. But in early access, Deadside is limited to 25 sq. km. Talking about maps, Deadside gives you an in-game map to tell your position in the map. But DayZ has no map for you to check your position which can be very tough in the beginning to find your friends and just generally know the map.

The PVP aspects are very similar which includes exploring areas to loot armors, weapons, foods, drinks, medical supplies and other tools. It also has a building system to create shelter similar to Deadside. The main difference comes in PVE is where it is rather different from deadside because DayZ features zombies which you will find everywhere in the game. The gunplay in DayZ is certainly great like other shooter games. DayZ is extremely survival oriented because looting houses will not give you as many items like Deadside does. The ambience and exploration in DayZ is certainly more than Deadside. So, if you want to play a game similar to Deadside which has zombies, then, you should consider this game!

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov
Escape from Tarkov

Deadside and Escape from Tarkov are very similar concept games yet vastly different. Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore survival shooter game which revolves more around completing quests to get better loot. The PVP and PVE are similar as Escape from Tarkov features AI called scavs. They might sound very similar but in terms of gameplay and features, Escape from Tarkov is vastly ahead. One of the features is the weapon customization which boasts 100s different items that you can attach to increase the stability of the weapon. These customizations lead to thousands of different possibilities creating a unique weapon. The graphics and details to weapons are certainly lacking in Deadside compared to Escape from Tarkov.

The survival aspects are similar with hunger and thirst but Escape from Tarkov takes the damage taken to the next level making it more realistic. Your body is divided into different parts like legs, arms, head, stomach,  and thorax. If you sustain damage in any of these parts, then it will affect you. For example, if your right hand is broken this will mean that the recoil of the gun will be exponentially harder to control.

This makes Escape from Tarkov much more realistic and hardcore. Escape from Tarkov’s looting/ raiding system is certainly time consuming where you will need to put a lot of hours unlike Deadside which will not require you to put as much. Deadside is rather more casual but if you like an extreme detailed survival game then Escape from Tarkov is the way to go. Deadside is new, so I bet there are much more features to be added. If you are looking for a game very close and much better than Deadside, then Escape from Tarkov is the best alternative.



This game is based on a private island called SCUM where you are a prisoner who can roam the island and engage with other players to survive. SCUM lies in this very genre of games like Deadside of hardcore survival against other players. The map size is 144sq km which is large enough for a game of its caliber. Compared to Deadside, the graphic quality is gorgeous. SCUM certainly has more content as it has been out in the market for longer.

SCUM is unique in terms of its detailed character customization like metabolism. Basically, you can create different types of builds which have different uses in different scenarios. One downside of SCUM is the drastic decrease of player base, so, watchout for that before you buy. Other than that, it certainly is a fun game similar to Deadside that you can try out.

The Forest

The Forest
The Forest

This game is very similar to Rust in its gameplay so main goal is to survive by any means necessary. You are dumped in wild forest after a plane crash as a sole survivor and you have to battle a society of cannibalistic mutants to stay alive. It has excellent AI enemies that will not bore you in the slightest and the story presents you with difficult choices that will make you question your morality.

The Forest is a very similar game to Deadside and the fact that it’s so good makes it case for us to recommend this game. This game will manage to immerse you in its environment by compelling storytelling with excellent sound that just clicks!

Green Hell


Last but not the least, Green Hell is another game that is similar to Deadside on our list. You’re start in “Green Hell” where your goal is to survive in a super dense forest. With nothing other than a radio at your disposal, you follow a voice of a ‘friend’ and find out piece by piece how to got into the situation you are in. What you discover will be shocking and worse than what you fought against.

You will need to use survival techniques such as starting fires, building camp and animal traps. You will also need to learn hunting and build weapons and tools to defend yourself. Wounds and diseases exist and the story is addictive. What more could you want from a survival game?


Deadside might seem inferior to all the games listed above but it is only due to the time it has been given. Deadside certainly has a lot of potential to be an amazing game if the developers put in the right work and listen to the community’s feedback. Overall, all the games listed are certainly worthy of putting your time onto if you enjoy Deadside.

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