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Will my android phone alarm go off on silent?

Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

No-one wants to miss that special schedule whether it is meeting someone, going to classes or working. Alarm are our best friends at reminding us what to do at the best time. Today’s query is “Will my android phone alarm go off on silent?”.

The short answer is, yes, it is supposed to go off even when on silent because the silent feature has no effect on the alarm’s features. But, it might not be going off for various reasons, so let’s check.

Alarm can be used in a variety of ways but its main purpose is to remind us. So, you might have bought a new android phone like PIXEL 4, NOTE 9, and  ONPLUS 6T or you are a regular user that would like to know the functionality of your default alarm application.

Most default alarm apps have functions of clock, timer, stopwatch and alarm. Let’s get started with how we can setup an alarm.

Steps of setting up an alarm:

Step 1: Open the alarm application present in your android phone.

Step 2: Go to the alarm section.

Add new Alarm

Step 3: Click the add(+) button.

Step 4: You will be prompted with a screen full of customization. Pick the time, date, alarm ringtone, vibration, and label. You can also customize how many times it can repeat in a week.

Alarm Interface

Now, that you are all set-up let’s see if the alarm will actually go off and you will be able to hear it.

Checking the Volume of Alarm:

Now that we have setup the alarm, let us check whether the volume for the alarm is disabled or not. There are various ways we can achieve this.

Step 1: Open your default settings application and search “sound”.

Step 2: Click the sound section which should prompt you to a similar interface like shown below. (you can also directly get to this screen by increasing/ decreasing the tactical volume buttons on the sides and clicking the settings option.)

Sound GUI

Step 3: Find the alarm icon that looks like a clock. Check if the volume for alarm is muted. If muted, drag it, to a desirable amount.

Changing Alarm volume

The alarm should now be ready for use even when on silent mode. But, maybe it didn’t ring? If so, then try restarting the phone. It should all work now!


Silent mode is for notifications and sounds of different applications which does not effect alarm features. It won’t always ring and it can be due our own errors. So, make sure you check the following things before you forget about the alarm:

  • Setup of alarm (time, date, ringtone, vibration)
  • Volume of alarm

Think this is too much of a hassle? Buy an alarm clock at the best deals here!

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