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Google Pixel 4 vs OnePlus 6T : Old is Gold?

OnePlus 6T

Pixel 4 vs OnePlus 6T! Who wins?

OnePlus 6T Pixel 4 picture

Google just released their new flagship, Pixel 4, and it’s getting all the hype in the smartphone industry right now but is it really an upgrade over last year’s OnePlus 6T?

Our conclusion is that it is a slight upgrade in some departments but you don’t have to upgrade your old phone just yet.

But which one to buy if you’re choosing between these phones? Our vote still stays with 1-year old OnePlus 6T because of significant price difference between these phones and not so significant hardware difference.

So why do we feel this way? Find out by reading the rest of the article below and make the decision for yourself!

Pixel 4 vs OnePlus 6T : Specs Battle

OnePlus 6T Pixel 4
Processor Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845 (10 nm) Qualcomm SDM855 Snapdragon 855 (7 nm)
OS Android 9.0 (Pie); OxygenOS 9.0.17 Android 10
GPU Adreno 630 Adreno 640
Battery Non-removable Li-Po 3700 mAh battery Non-removable Li-Po 2800 mAh battery
RAM 6 GB or 8 GB 6 GB
Storage (Expandable?) 128 GB or 256 GB (No) 64 GB or 128 GB (No)
Camera 16MP, 20MP + 16MP (Front) 8MP, 12.2MP + 16MP (Front)
Display 6.41 inches, 1080 x 2340 pixels, Optic AMOLED 5.7 inches, 1080 x 2280 pixels, P-OLED, 90hz
Color Variants Thunder Purple, Mirror Black, Midnight Black White, Black, Orange
Protection Gorilla Glass 6 Gorilla Glass 5, IP68 dust/water resistant
Price Checkout the latest price here! Checkout the latest price here!

Pros and Cons of Pixel 4

Pros Cons
+ CPU and GPU are the latest

+ 90hz refresh rate

+ Amazing software optimized camera (DXOMARK of 112)
- No 3.5mm headphone jack

- Battery is only 2800 mAh

- No expandable micro SD card slot

- No 8 gb RAM variant

- No wide angle lens

- Huge notch

Pros and Cons of OnePlus 6T

Pros Cons
+ Optic AMOLED screen

+ 4k video at 30/60 fps, [email protected]/60/240fps, [email protected]

+ DXOMARK of 98

+ 3700 mAh battery

+ 8GB RAM variant

+ 3.5mm headphone jack

+ Corning Gorilla Glass 6

+ 20W Fast Charging
- Previous generation CPU and GPU

- No official IP rating.

- 60hz refresh rate

- No microSD slot

-No wireless charging

Does Pixel 4 have the better battery?

Battery capacity is important to most users as it determines how long a phone can last without charging. Pixel 4 has decided to go with 2800 mAh battery capacity which is enough for most users to last a day but if you are constantly on your phone and run demanding applications then it is likely that this battery capacity is not enough for you.

Also, Pixel 4 has 90Hz which can look nice, but it may consume serious battery than the less-demanding OnePlus 6T.

Tackle this with a high-capacity power-bank.

OnePlus 6T leads in the battery department with an astonishing 3700 mAh battery which is more than enough to last you for a day while playing games. Unless you do not mind having to carry around the chargers and power-banks all the time, OnePlus 6T is the way to go.

Eradication of 3.5mm Headphone Jack

Loud Speaker’s of both phones are on equal footing but with external device connectivity, both of these devices falls behind. Most users have not migrated to Bluetooth headphones/earphones making 3.5mm headphone jack a necessity.

These devices do not consist of the 3.5mm headphone. There are not many manufacturers making USB-C compatible headphones and earphones, so your options are limited and your old headphones may be wasted.

Buy a USB-C earphone as it is the future!

Which phone is better for mobile gamers?

Pixel 4 vs OnePlus 6T : Which to choose for gaming?

Let’s look at the specs for this section. Pixel 4 clearly has better CPU and GPU compared to the OnePlus 6T and also has the better screen. So, Pixel 4 is the go-to device for gamers between these two.

OnePlus 6T has 8GB RAM option but today’s game do not require you 8GB at all. The most demanding games require 2 GB of RAM at most, so you’re okay in this department as long as you don’t have a lot of heavy apps in the background or 2 tabs open in google chrome.

Google consuming RAM

Videos or Photos?

The camera quality on both devices are amazing as both feature similar specifications. Google has went towards the software to improve the quality of pictures and videos. OnePlus 6T is more inclined towards the hardware part even though it’s a year old.

The DXOMARK suggests that Pixel 4 has the better overall camera. The pictures are better on Pixel, and it is also of the phone’s best selling point. However, if you need a 4k 60fps video then only OnePlus 6T supports it.

You decide, which is more important? Pictures or Videos?

Securities and Updates

Security and updates are a huge concern for technology enthusiasts. Pixel 4 comes with Android 10. Since the OS itself is developed by Google, OS updates and security patches comes faster in Google phones keeping them up to date and secure.

Whereas, OnePlus has Oxygen OS 9.0.17 which is built on top of Android 9.0. OnePlus developers can take some time developing software after stock Android OS releases, hence, it may not be as quick as Pixel’s updates. Furthermore, Pixel 4 still has many years of updates to come as it has just been released. It is clear that if you want the newest features and security updates then Pixel 4 is the way.

What if you already have OnePlus 6T?

So, should you upgrade or not? We think that it’s not yet time. The new pixel only has a few upgrades in certain departments, that too, not so significant.

Pixel 4 has its pros and cons just like the OnePlus 6T. So lets weigh them, Pixel clearly leads in CPU, GPU, frame rate, updates and pictures whereas Note 9 leads in battery capacity, video recording, headphone jack, RAM and price.

For the regular user, these upgrades are minor as it will not be visible to the plain eyes. However, it might seem tempting to power users due to performance and frame rate but it comes at huge cost of losing battery capacity and 8GB RAM.

Our recommendation? You should wait at least a year before upgrading because the OnePlus 6T is more than capable of handling anything you throw at it for at least a few years.

Which phone is worth your money if you’re looking to buy new?

We here at Technoloxy believe that if you have to put your money on something, the product should be best bang for your buck!

Looking at all the Pros and Cons of both phones, we think that OnePlus 6T is priced more reasonably than the Pixel 4. The difference of around 350$ is just not worth it.

Choose the OnePlus 6T if you’re on a budget, don’t mind minor camera upgrades on the Pixel, and need your phone to last a whole day!

Choose the Pixel 4 if you want the better camera, newer hardware and want to be more future-proof!

Buy them here: Pixel 4 | OnePlus 6T

Also check out our pixel 4 vs. note 9 comparision!

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