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Is Discord Safe? – Complete guide to Discord Safety

Discord Safety
Discord Safety
Discord Safety

Is discord really safe? Is it safe for 11 or 13 year old? Does discord have scammers? How do you stay safe? All your questions answered here!

Whether you are a concerned discord user or a parent looking out for their child, the internet is not all safe and sound. This might raise concerns on whether discord is secure since it is a free application available in different platforms.

What exactly is Discord?

Discord is an application available in computers and mobile which is used to communicate in ways of text, voice, and video. It is one of the best platforms to communicate because of its overwhelming features on group or single communication.

It has group chats which are called servers where you can tweak almost anything! In servers you can create many voice and text channels, roles can be created such that you can limit the power of people in the server. It even lets you stream on 30fps on free servers. If you boost your server with money you can unlock many more features like streaming at 60fps. These features make it ideal for gamers to gather and play together.

Does Discord have an age limit?

Discord does have an age limit in their terms and services. The user must be at least 13 year old as they consider that to be the minimum age of digital consent. If the user is between 13 and 18 years old, their guardians should review their terms and services before accepting. So if you are over 13, you will have access to almost all features except the NSFW channels. To access NSFW channels, you need to be at least 18 years of age. 

Is Discord Safe For My Child?

Since Discord is free for all, anyone can pose as a child or adult and enact their characters. But since being 13 year old is the minimum age required to be in discord, the teens or adults can judge by themselves who can be harmful to them and who can be friendly.

If your child has joined servers where they know all of the members or if they’re all just focused on a game or a task at hand, you don’t need to worry since they can only be messaging about the game or do their homework together or just talk. The question of safety arises only when your child is in public servers with a large number of members and they don’t know most of the members in real life. 

Your child needs to be aware that they can block unsuitable content using the ‘Explicit Content Filter’ and also report posts if they deem it unfit. They can also mute or block individual users, and limit messaging and to friends. All of this can be achieved easily without much hassle. 

Check our guide below on how to stay safe on discord!

Does Discord Sell Your Data? – Discord Privacy

Short answer is no. They don’t advertise on their app and hence they have no reason to sell your information to advertisers. You can read a detailed version of their privacy policy here! 

From their privacy policy page, “The Company is not in the business of selling your information. We consider this information to be a vital part of our relationship with you. There are, however, certain circumstances in which we may share your information with certain third parties, as set forth below:

So be sure to read their Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policy before using the app!

Is Discord Safe From Hackers?

Discord application itself is safe from hackers but you yourself might not be! Hackers can create fake accounts to gain information from you by manipulating you to click on external links given by them via chat.

Hackers cannot gain information from discord itself but they can through your actions. They can bait you with getting free discord nitro boost which in reality costs money. Basically, beware of scammers in discord and don’t open any link that leads to outside of discord.

Can Parents Monitor Discord?

Since Discord was primarily designed for teens, there is no way for parents to monitor discord directly. However, you can make a discord account yourself and be friends with your child and share a server. You can then click on their profile inside the server on the right to check what they’re doing. 

Discord Spotify
Discord Spotify
Playing CSGO Discord
Playing CSGO Discord

Alternatively, you can also ask them for their username and password so that you can have full access to your child’s discord account but we don’t recommend them. If you think they’re under some bad influence or they’re being harrassed, you can always talk to them without being strict. 

How To Stay Safe on Discord?


Enable two factor authentication (2FA)

User Settings > My Account

enable user 2fa discord
Enable User 2FA Discord

  • Turn off messages from people who are not your friends aka some server members.
  • Enable Scanning of messages
  • Don’t let everyone add you as friend

User Settings > Privacy & Safety

User Privacy
User Privacy Discord


  • Enable the maximum verification needed to use the server.
  • Allow scanning of every message for media content.
  • Enable 2FA requirement in server.
Server Moderation Level
Server Moderation Level Discord

All the settings mentioned above can be found at : Server Settings > Moderation

Server Safety Settings
Server Safety Settings Discord


Discord comes with its fair share of troubles like every chatting application. It is not discord itself that has safety issues, but there are hackers and scammers who try to manipulate you to fetch critical information. You can use discord without trouble as long as you make sure you are over 13 years of age and don’t click on links sent by unknown people! Don’t be baited!

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