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Is Quora Safe?

Is quora safe?
Is quora safe?
Is quora safe?

Is quora safe for you and your kids? How do you judge if the information is true or just a joke that is being upvoted by people that laughed? How reliable is Quora’s security?

Quora is safe if you know what information you’re looking for. It is a very good platform where people can share their thoughts on the matter and you can also view the commentator’s job title and hobbies. This gives you additional sense of security that your problems are being solved by someone who is in the business for a long time or is interested in the topic. To find out more, continue reading!

What is Quora used for?

Quora is a questions and answers site where people ask questions and others who have knowledge on the topic answer it. Having around 100 million monthly visitors, quora can give you insights on how other people see the things you see differently.

You can ask questions such as “What is the best way to cut a watermelon?” and you’ll get 10 different answers with people believing that their option is the best. Hence you can choose what answer is best for you and apply it in real life.

Is Quora safe for kids?

The age requirement to use Quora, as stated in their terms of service, is 13 years old. This means Quora is accessible to teenagers who have not become an adult yet. Quora is as safe as any other social websites on the internet. Quora website itself is very safe from threats and hackers. The content of the website is constantly checked by moderators for sensitive and abusive content to remove. Only so much can be done with thousands of questions everyday and a few mods.

Since anyone can use quora, there will be people who will try to gain information on you like your ip address, bank account, email id, passwords and all other credentials. These people are also known as scammers who will try to pretend to be of some big company or even government and try to make you believe that you have done something wrong and you have to pay to fix it. 

Regardless of your age, you should be very aware of these scammers and never give any type of personal information to anyone in this platform. 

If your child insists on using Quora, you should constantly check for scammer messages or strangers and block the user completely for your kids safety. Follow informational/educational topics that are age appropriate. Set your profile to private. Make sure you remind your kids that the information is not always correct in quora. With these measures, Quora will be safe for kids.

Is Quora reliable?

Everytime you search something you will get quora in the first two pages to answer your question but is it reliable enough? Well, it could and could not be reliable but with the majority it is likely to be reliable. 

It could be reliable because of the majority of upvotes and downvotes. If there are significantly more upvotes we can deduce it is credible and vice versa. But we must always keep in mind that even if there are upvotes or downvotes. It does not completely make the information correct because people are most likely going to upvote a humorous answer which is 80% correct rather than a 100% correct plain answer. This can lead to information being unreliable because anyone can answer a question and anyone can upvote it regardless of their field of expertise.

Quora is only enough to answer your questions but you cannot cite them academically. In the academic perspective, Quora web pages coming on top of searches can cause people to have a harder time to find reliable and credible sources for research papers.

Overall, answers will be most likely reliable but will not be usable for academic purposes which means you should be looking at multiple sources just to confirm the credibility of the answers.

Quora Without Logging In

How frustrating is it that you have to log in every time you want to read something on Quora? Sometimes you just want to read posts without them impacting your personalized feed or you don’t want quora to know what you are reading or just read.

The solution is rather simple. You can just add ?share=1 after the url and you won’t get the mandatory overlay prompting you to login. Be sure to turn on the private browsing or incognito mode in your browser too!

Is Quora owned by Google?

No, quora is not owned by google. It is a private company founded by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever on June 1, 2009. The company’s shares are owned by founders and investors. Quora is worth around $1.8 billion now. 

How many employees does Quora have?

It was reported in 2019 by VOX that Quora has an employee count of 200. The latest data in other websites suggest that in 2020 Quora have a rough estimate of 500-1000 employees.

Quora Leaks 2018

In Late 2018, Quora discovered that its 100 million users’ data had been compromised by hackers. The data contained users’ names, email addresses, IP addresses, user IDs, encrypted passwords, user account settings, personalization data, public actions and content (including drafts) such as questions, answers, blog posts, comments, upvotes and data that have been imported from linked networks. The leak has been solved and you don’t need to worry about it now. However, it raises questions on how reliable Quora’s security system is.


So, in conclusion, Quora is a safe place if you know what you’re looking for. You shouldn’t give out your private information and shouldn’t trust people’s opinion if they’re less upvotes on the topic.

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