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CMD : Can’t CD to D: or other drives? (change directory)


You want to change your disk partition on which your command prompt works but you don’t know how to? You’ve come to the right place!

Command prompt, also known as cmd, is the command line interpreter app which is available in default on Windows OS. We can execute certain codes/commands in this application to do certain tasks. This can be interpreted as a command based file explorer or file explorer to be cmd based GUI.

There are different ways you can change the drives in cmd. Let’s discuss them!

Method 1: Just the partition name

You’d be surprised to know that you don’t even need to use the cd command to change the directory in the command prompt. 

Let’s start command prompt! You can see that we have our default directory set to “C:\Users”


Now, let’s change the drive!

Just type in what drive you want to change your directory to, without the subdirectories. In my case, I’ll change it to “E:\” but you can change it to whatever you want!


Keep in mind that you can not change the drive as well as the subdirectory at once by this method. Take a look at this article on how to navigate through cmd or other methods below.

Method 2: Using “/d”

Method 1 only works if you want to go to the main partitions instead of their subfolders. So what if you directly want to go any directory you desire? Use the “/d” command!

We are currently at “C:\Users\” after initially opening cmd.


Now let’s try the “/d” command! Let’s assume that we have to go from “C:\Users” to “E:\Others\mobile”. Just type in this command:

cd /d “E:\Others\mobile”


Method 3: Right click to open cmd

Want to avoid all this fuss and go directly to cmd from the folder?

Just hold the Shift key and press the right mouse button inside your directory to get “Open command window here” option.


Click on it and your cmd directory is already set!

Keep in mind that this method may not work on all systems now. To remedy it, read this article from!

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